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Refinance Investment Property

Improve Your Real Estate Investment ROI

Real estate investors know countless ways to improve their ROI on nearly any rental home they purchase. From making low-cost, big impact cosmetic changes to investing in energy-saving upgrades for tax breaks, investors know the ins and outs of savvy, equity-boosting renovations.

Refinancing an investment property is yet another great way to maximize its wealth-enriching potential. Whether you’re refinancing to lock in a lower rate, reducing the mortgage term, or getting cash out to make improvements on any of your properties, Ark Mortgage can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your property ventures.

In addition, our Cash Advantage Program allows you to refinance qualifying cash purchases in shorter than the traditional six-month wait.

Many of our refinance transactions close within 21 days after receiving a complete application with all requested documents, so you can meet your financial goals even faster than your previous ‘mortgage guy’ can. Give Ark a try and you’ll see why we’re the company property investors trust to protect their livelihood.

Real Estate Investor FAQs

What is loan-to-value (LTV) requirement for financing investment property?

For a single-unit investment property purchase, a 15% down payment is typically required for an LTV of 85%. 2-4 unit investment property purchases normally require a 25% down payment for an LTV of 75%.

What are the income requirements for financing an investment property?

Required income for financing your investment property will vary depending on the amount of the monthly mortgage payment and other debt considerations. The total debt-to-income ratio (including the mortgage payment) generally cannot exceed 45%. Consult with your Personal Mortgage Advisor for information that pertains to your situation.

How long do I need to wait to refinance an investment property to take cash out?

Typically, you will have to wait through a six (6) month seasoning period prior to using a cash out refinance to take equity out of your investment property. There are programs, such as Ark’s Cash Advantage Program (CAP), that may allow you to cash out immediately after your purchase. Contact a Mortgage Advisor to discuss the specific programs and their guidelines.

What will my monthly mortgage payment be?

Calculate monthly mortgage payment scenarios on your investment property within seconds using our mortgage calculator. Choose different rates and terms to calculate how affordable it could be to buy your new investment property. See how much interest you can save over the life of the loan by altering length of term, and enter prepayment amounts to calculate their impact on your overall expenditure.

Invest. Refinance. Repeat.

  • Competitive Rates

    Just because you’re a self-employed entrepreneur doesn’t mean you should pay a higher interest rate.
  • Invest More Often

    Recoup your entire down-payment and closing costs quickly so you can invest again with the Ark CAP Financing program.
  • Multi-Property Discounts

    Only pay application and commitment fees for a single property even when refinancing multiple properties.
  • Self-Employed Specialists

    We specialize in working with entrepreneurs to make the approval process faster and easier without any unnecessary documentation.
  • We’ve Got Your Back

    Our Lifetime Guarantee ensures we’ll waive the application and underwriting fees and reimburse appraisal costs if you choose to refinance.

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