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Buy a Home

Why Finance through Ark Mortgage?

At Ark, our Home Mortgage Advisors are not salespeople, they are advocates. Instead of hard-selling you with the benefits of a particular program, we’ll take the time to ask you important questions about your financial strategies and goals before recommending a particular product. We want to know about what payment is most comfortable for you and fits into your budget. We will ask about the amount of cash you need now for various projects. We will work to help you maximize your tax benefits while ensuring the term of your loan coincides with your preferred date to become debt-free. We know that without probing questions, there is no way to custom-fit our program to your needs.

Several other benefits of financing through Ark:

Self-Employed Borrowers and Investors are Welcome Here!

Some lenders turn and run when they hear that your loan might be complicated by multiple streams of income. Not at Ark. We’ve specialized in complicated lending since 1983 and our SELF (Simplified Entrepreneur Loan Financing) Program puts self-employed borrowers on the fast track to home ownership, with Express Approvals and the expertise to handle the most complicated of income and asset sheets.

First-Time Homebuyers are Welcome Here!

Ark Mortgage takes pride in simplifying the home purchase process for first-time homebuyers, acting as Advisors and Educators to walk you through each step of the purchase.

Our Certified Pre-Approval with Rate Lock takes the Stress Off:

Instead of a pre-qualification letter, we arm home purchasers with the ammunition you need to compete with cash buyers! A Certified Pre-Approval is guaranteed for 60 days and assures home sellers and their Realtors that your income, assets and credit have been pre-underwritten for a mortgage. All we need is an address, an appraisal and we’re nearly ready to fund. Planning to close in the next 90 days? Add a Rate Lock for a small, nominal fee (credited toward your closing costs), and remove the worry that rates may go down before you receive title.

Express Mortgage:

Nothing is more important than timing when you are competing to purchase a home. Often, the offer presented by the most-qualified buyer who can close quickest is the one sellers will accept. Ark Mortgage can take most buyers from complete documentation to title transfer in as short as 21 days.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Buy through Ark and save big when you refinance the same property to secure a lower rate, lock in a shorter term or get cash out. With every refinance of that property, we’ll waive the application and commitment fees and reimburse the appraisal fees, a total savings of up to $2,500!

Home Buyer FAQs

How do I know if I qualify to buy a home?

It all starts with you contacting one of our Ark Mortgage Advisors who will walk you through the home buying process, such as:

  • Reviewing credit
  • Obtaining income information
  • Information on the funds that will be used to purchase the home

There are many different loan programs designed to help people in various financial situations.  The best thing to do is obtain an Ark Certified Pre-Approval to determine your Purchase Power and the terms that best fit your needs.

How do I know how much home I can afford?

It depends on your income compared to your other financial obligations. How much you qualify for can be determined by using Ark’s Home Affordability Calculator. This will take into consideration your monthly income, housing expense (rent), liabilities reported on your credit report (car payments, credit cards, etc.,) and the amount of funds available to purchase (savings, gifts, etc.)

How quickly can I close on a home loan?

Typically, it can take 45 days or more. With the Ark Express Mortgage, you can go from Application to Close in as little as 21 days. Having your required income documents ready, like W2s, pay stubs, and tax statements, can help expedite the process.

Can I buy a home and sell my current one at the same time?

Absolutely, but it does create some risk. For example, if you buy a home before you sell your home, you could find yourself overextended financially. If you sell your home before you buy a new home, you might need to rent for a period of time before finding your new home. However, there is a way to do both simultaneously:

Instate a “sale contingency” in your contract. This means you only agree to buy a home if you can sell the one you’re in. Sellers don’t always accept this contingency because they run the run the risk of your current property not selling and their home being “off the market”. Call an Ark Mortgage Advisor for more information.

What’s Your Home Buying Goal?

Real quotes from real clients:

Mortgage Bankers New York and Home Loan Calculator

Chaim L.

Brooklyn, NY

“As somebody who recently converted from traditional mortgage brokers to Ark Mortgage, the process was as easy as a credit card application. The loan officers were amazing and easy to work with. It’s time everybody finds out about Ark Mortgage.”

Home Loan Calculator and FHA Loans New York

Basye M.

Spring Valley, NY

"....Ark Mortgage has excellent customer service with loads of extra patience. They walk you through every step of the way to get the best possible deal.”

First Time Homebuyer New Jersey and FHA Loans New York

Efraim W.

Airmont, NY

“I can’t imagine having a better interaction than what I experienced with my Ark Mortgage adviser. He picked up the phone even when he was at his busiest, always called me back. He was always on top of everything. He actually became a close friend- part of the family!”

FHA Loans New York and Home Affordability Calculator

Martin K.

Toms River, NJ

“I can only say great things about my dealings with Ark Mortgage. Not only was everyone I worked with friendly, but also on top of everything I needed. We love our home and could not be happier with those who worked to make our dreams come true.”

Home Affordability Calculator and First Time Homebuyer New Jersey

David W.

Airmont, NY

".... my Ark Mortgage adviser made home ownership for me from a distant dream to a reality. All while patiently teaching and advising me of the entire process."


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